Transport Management

Transportation is an essential element of the logistics supply chain. Effective transportation planning is necessary to ensure that shipments will be handled on time and will arrive on schedule. Second to ensuring that deadlines are met, transportation costs play an essential role. Here it is important to keep the transportation costs as low as possible. Effective transportation planning and handling will contribute to optimizing these costs.”

NextLink has extensive expertise in the conception and realization of business and functional requirements regarding all modes of transport. The chart below shows typical customer requirements and NextLink solutions.

Business Process Engineering and System Integration

Working with you, our experts will develop business reasonable and technically feasible solutions for inbound and outbound shipments, as well as for internal stock transfer processes.

The chart below will show a typical approach in projects.


Transportation Management Basics
Modeling the Organization

The first step is always the determination of the necessary organizational objects. In doing so, shipping points, transportation planning points, loading and discharge points, warehouses and doors have to be defined in the SAP system. The SAP organizational objects allow exact mapping to plants, storage locations, company codes, etc.

Conception of Shipment Routes
  • Preliminary, main, and subsequent legs
  • Mode of transport-specific characteristics, e. g. maximal weights, leg class, etc.
  • Composition of routes using legs and transportation connection points
  • Transportation relevant locations like stations, airports, seaports, border crossings, customs offices and load transfer points
Master Data Management
  • Service providers
  • Goods recipients
  • Contracts
  • Freights
  • And more
Content Integration
  • Ship itineraries
  • Ship lists
  • Locations and addresses
  • Distances
  • And more
 Management of Means of Transport
  • Management of transport resources
  • Mapping of means of transport specifications
  • Support for automatic and manual means of transport planning
  • Automated check-in (automatic fetch of means of transport and driver data)
Transportation Planning
  • Rule-based and automated selection of transportation demands
  • Support for planning by suggestions of default values (routes, service providers, etc.)
  • Solution components with simulation functionality for automated transportation planning, loading space optimization and route optimization
Shipment Documents

Numerous mode of transport-specific documents in various media (e. g. document printing, fax, EDI, XML) are usually required to instruct and coordinate the participating partners.

Popular Documents
  • Delivery note
  • Forwarding instruction
  • Forwarding order
  • Shipping instructions
  • Bill of lading
  • Loading documents
  • Picking documents
  • And more
Special Dangerous Goods Documents
  • Tremcards
  • IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration
  • Shippers Declaration for Dangerous Goods
  • Labels with technical substance name
Foreign Trade Documents
  • Certificate of origin
  • Single administrative document
  • And more
Shipment Handling
  • Automated check-in at the door
  • Editing of the shipment document by the planner
  • Event tracking, e. g. processing of delivery and shipment status information
  • Integration of loading and scales systems
  • Calculation of loading quantity for bulk goods
Integration of Third-Party/Subsystems into the SAP Solution
  • Loading and scales systems
  • Loading space and shipment optimization
  • Label printing systems
  • EDI connections
  • Sourcing of transportation capacity using marketplaces
Integration of Service Providers
  • Selection criteria for individual shipments
  • Automated instruction and coordination by fax, EDI, XML
  • Integration of service providers into marketplace strategy
Shipment Cost Calculation and Settlement
  • Calculation of shipment costs
  • Shipment cost calculation in the sales order entry
  • Invoice verification and settlement of freight costs with service providers
  • Support for shipment cost self-billing procedure
  • Execution of freight comparisons
  • Forwarding to financial accounting
  • Billing to the customer
  • Integration into cost accounting
Decision Support and Transport Monitoring
Operative and Strategic Decision Support
  • Transportation demands
  • Overview of transports depending on their status
  • Free capacity
  • Capacity utilization
  • Performance of the service provider
  • Transportation costs as proportion of the product costs
  • Combination of logistics and controlling information
  • Benchmarking
  • Material flow analysis
  • Execution of simulations

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