NextLink’s blockchain and distributed-technology development services ensure technical support for your ICO.

This service covers the conceptual architectural and tokenization design, smart contracts, sidechain deployment, and integration with public blockchain to website deployment and infrastructure maintenance for your product.

How NextLink Can Help

Blockchain Solutions

We help you select and deploy the right blockchain/DLT for your business model and develop blockchain-based applications that are tailored to your individual needs:

  • Business-process review
  • Technical architecture and infrastructure
  • Proof of concept creation
  • Full-scale blockchain implementation

MVP Development

We want to test assumptions and build proper business and technical requirements:

  • Technical feasibility of the project
  • Fully clickable prototype of your solution
  • Core operational workable blockchain modules

Smart Contracts

We help you to deploy smart contracts with secure, resilient code and unit tests covering all stages:

  • Token generation event contracts based on ERC 20, ERC 223, ERC 721,
  • Custom Smart Contracts on Stellar, EOS, NEM
  • Tokenization of digital assets

Technologies  Used

We utilize the latest and trending technologies to provide state-of-the-art solutions

Industry  Applications

We pride ourselves on having in-depth expertise and extensive know-how of different industries

Monitoring Services

NextLink optimizes business and trade relationships with just-in-time delivery of goods and a self-controlled environment for dispatch execution. To provide high value, visibility, and trust to your customers, we offer a consortium-based transaction flow and provenance of any type of goods or services across the entire supply chain.


Revolutionize your finance and banking operations by tokenizing digital assets and securities, transparency, auditability with respect to privacy and reducing operational staff costs. This improves your transaction data storage and automates the execution of transactions, thereby increasing your operational time to 24/7.


Blockchain is aiding in the creation of trustworthy, transparent environment for the insurance market and as well as their case data collection with IoT via blockchain-based KYC, irreversible agreements and identity and access management.


Super-clean energy systems are being empowered by blockchain technology to facilitate a trusted environment for smart-meter implementation. This ensures identity and access management for each new customer in the network and facilitates trustworthy data collection and transfer for MESH networks.