NextLink offers world-class ServiceNow consulting and implementation, allowing you to quickly maximize business benefits from the Now platform.

As a ServiceNow solution provider, we help customers transform their enterprise’s service management and eliminate bottlenecks in all functions of their business dynamics.

How NextLink Can Help

Using ServiceNow requires the right consultant carrying a proven track record to successfully create a smart transformation plan for your process.
We have successfully helped a wide array of clients transform their services and business operations to the Now platform in a seamless manner, without compromising the consumer experience.
NextLink will create a ServiceNow roadmap fit for you to plan, design, and implement the platform efficiently with measurable goals at every stage of implementation. This has not only helped our customers maximize the value of their ServiceNow investment, but also heavily contributed to achieving their ROI sooner than they expected.



Delivering the ServiceNow maturity roadmap and customizing services to enhance efficiency and improve ROI.


Automating processes that involve services and applications within and outside the ServiceNow environment for easier collaboration.

Enterprise Integration

Integrating the existing applications, systems and third-party tools within the ServiceNow framework.


Continuous monitoring of services to ensure their health, usage and overall SLA compliancy.

Managed Services

A customized solution that encompasses critical ServiceNow modules delivered based on the customer’s ease and cost structure.