NextLink accompanies automotive OEMs on their industry 4.0 transformation journey – from automation to autonomous – with connected products and closed loop manufacturing. We provide end-to-end offerings by helping customers define their industry 4.0 roadmap to prioritize business cases and selecting packages and implementations with the latest digital technologies.

life sciences and healthcare


To make their products and services stand out in today's business climate, companies need to consider exploiting new technologies such as the cloud, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and analytics, product and portfolio management, asset management, quality management, environmental accounting and reporting (sustainability), modern marketing processes and solutions, CRM, and modern supply chain solutions.

How NextLink Can Help

NextLink provides services across the entire value chain of pharmaceutical and medical device companies - from discovery, trials, and production to sales and marketing, field service, and support.

Rising Cost of Healthcare

Utilizing technology to help deliver more effective therapeutic products and services while reducing real-world costs.

Product Service and Innovation

Understanding and improving customer experience with your brand "beyond the pill or device" with value-added services, allowing you to benefit from new revenue streams while improving customer service.


Facilitating prediction of the best clinical advice for patients based on insights generated from patients, drugs, trials, and other clinical information.



NextLink's services aim to simplify and automate banking by encompassing all aspects of transactions.

NextLink’s Services

  • Deposits
  • Loans
  • Remittances
  • Debit cards
  • Trade finance
  • Clearing and payments
  • Customer management


NextLink’s Services

  • Deals and offers
  • Master data management
  • Cash management
  • Payments solution
  • Risk management & reporting


NextLink aids banking companies meet changing industry requirements and trends across card origination, transactions, integration, fraud prevention, data privacy, and security.

NextLink’s Services

  • Cards origination
  • Cards issuance
  • Card transaction process
  • Merchant service
  • Receivables processing
  • Loyalty management
  • Customer service


  • Leasing
  • Lending
  • Syndication
  • Securitization

How NextLink Can Help

Our packaged solutions enable you to adopt technology more quickly so you can benefit from greater and quicker business impacts.

Core Banking Testing Suite

NextLink provides an end-to-end core banking testing solution to meet the requirements of both product and banking companies. We use various models to ensure functional tests are completely undertaken and meet client specific requirements.

One touch organization framework

NextLink can help you streamline and automate your end-to-end lending and leasing origination processes through the Zero Touch Origination framework. We cover all of the sub-processes including pricing, decision, document management and so on, resulting in improved customer service and faster decisions.

Solution overview

• Centralized customer master system for ease of customer management
• Platform capability to service new business obtained through acquisitions and spin-offs
• Automated document generation and management
• Complete synchronization of deal origination, quote generation, automated deal approval and repository management
• Inbuilt data migration framework to load the data from legacy to core system
• Centralization of operations leading to reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs

Fraud deduction and prevention using predictive analysis

NextLink uses predictive analytics to help you detect and predict fraud or suspicious activity. By using historical data, financial service providers can identify patterns based on past behavior and create predictive modelling and analysis to identify potential fraud-prone transactions and activities.

Integration information and data management

Integrated information and data management

Regularity reporting framework

NextLink’s regulatory reporting framework can you collect, prepare and submit data to the regulators to ensure consistency, reconciliation and accuracy of regulatory reporting.

PLM Strategy

  • With our holistic approach, NextLink EPLM ensures your product development process is executed efficiently and that your product is developed according to requirements and market needs, on time and on budget.

SAP ERP consulting and implementation

  • Our 300+ consultants enjoy a high-level of experience in SAP ERP practices and understand the end-to-end business processes that can help you align your financials, sales and supply chain operations with your corporate goals and objectives.

Oracle ERP consulting and implementation

  • NextLink boasts a strong team of Oracle professionals that help you transform your business by eliminating complexity and simplifying IT. We can help you throughout the entire cycle, from planning and implementation to support.


  • AutoEDGE is an SAP-qualified, all-in-one solution that combines core ERP, HCM, Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into a unified IT landscape. Over 120 automotive-specific processes have been mapped, tested, and documented in this pre-configured solution.

Application and infrastructure services

  • Our ‘out-of-the-box’ IT solutions help our clients optimize their IT infrastructure and rationalize application portfolio to achieve maximum business value, promote growth, and drive cost efficiencies.

Digital transformation

  • NextLink works with organizations in its focus industries to transform their operational processes, improve stakeholder experience, and discover new business models.
    We help you streamline operations, improve compliance, and effectively manage your assets in the factory, the field, or wherever your customer may be.

The Solution

As innovators and drivers of consumer change, high-tech companies adapt to technological advancements by focusing on modernizing their existing systems and processes so they can capitalize on opportunities.
High-tech companies need to evaluate technologies to differentiate their business, cloud, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and analytics, product and portfolio management, asset management, quality management, environmental accounting and reporting (sustainability), modern marketing processes and solutions, CRM, and modern supply chain solutions, among others.

How NextLink
Can Help

NextLink provides services across the value chain, from product conceptualization, prototyping, production, sales to aftermarket support.

Compliance & Data

We help you comply with regulations whilst generating and making sense of data.

Customer Experiences

We enable you to introduce products at a faster rate and to provide a better experience across multiple channels.

Process Optimization

We enable you to modernize and improve your processes such as product design, supply chain, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and after sales services.


NextLink helps companies in the consumer and industrial goods sector reduce time to market and costs, improve control of manufacturing operations, and deliver superior experiences to customers.
We partner with leading manufacturing companies to make the industry smarter, build connected supply chains, and develop intelligent products.

Consumer Goods

We partner with CPG companies to help them reorganize their IT, rationalize their application portfolio, and standardize their systems, infrastructure, and data across global locations.

Industrial Goods and Components

We offer services, best practices, in-depth knowledge, and expertise in the industrial goods domain allowing clients to optimize their value chain and become more productive.

Portal solutions

(producer, underwriter, consumer)


The digital era is radically transforming the insurance industry, offering an entirely new way of doing business. It affects all strategic and functional areas across the insurance value chain, including engagement and interaction with customers, distributors, suppliers and employees.
• Sales enablement solution accelerator for creating ‘ease of doing business’ for distributors i.e. brokers
• Offers brokers and underwriters real-time collaboration
• Includes dashboards for broker performance as well as for underwriters, new submissions and a discussion board

IOT for Insurance


The collection of real-time data and sharing power offered by the IoT is creating significant new opportunities in finer product segmentation, more specialized pools of risk and predictive modelling, so that risks can be assessed more easily, loss control can be improved, and premium growth can be accelerated.
Focusing on underwriters, NextLink's IoT for Insurance service helps underwriters with the risk assessment of plants by analysing data from sensors installed at various stages of production.
Solution overview:
• Data analysis from sensor installed in power plants
• Analysis of data transmitted from sensors installed in power plants, giving indicators as to the health of the plant, probability of breakdown etc. This helps underwriters to assess the risk accurately and price it accordingly
• Data feed similar to a black box that can be used in the event of a claim to determine the exact details relating to the loss or damage
• Reduces premium payments for insured parties, reduces losses, reduces claim payments for insurers and also prevents fraud

Augmented Underwriting

Augmented underwriting is fast replacing traditional underwriting in insurance. At the same time, data science and predictive analytics enable unique company models that evaluate and rate risks accurately and intuitively.


Business Improvement Opportunities

  • Improved visibility of the manufacturing floor and accurate forecasting.
  • Enable a connected devices infrastructure- plant floor, supply chain, retail and last mile.
  • Engage and communicate with customers across multiple channels.
  • Better capacity planning and compliance with global trade requirements.
  • Access to real-time data – consumers, supply chain, machinery, trade promotion spending, and sales.
  • Consolidated view and management of product portfolio.
  • Listen and respond to the sentiments of the people that matter the most.
  • Supply chain integrity and transparent reporting.
  • Improved collaboration with partners/suppliers and performance management.

How NextLink Can Help

NextLink is consumer and industrial goods companies’ first choice in helping them reduce time to market and costs, improve control of manufacturing operations, and deliver superior experiences to customers.
Our leading manufacturing partners enjoy smarter manufacturing, build connected supply chains, and develop intelligent products.

Consumer Goods

Our partnerships with CPG companies allows us to help them reorganize their IT, rationalize their application portfolio and to standardize systems, infrastructure and data across global locations.

Industrial Goods and Components

We provide services, best practices, in-depth knowledge and expertise in the industrial goods domain to help clients optimize their value chain and become more productive.

NextLink’s Services

Our services help companies in property and casualty, as well as life and health, and re-insurance segments to become even more effective by offering:
Augmented underwriting to shorten and eliminate underwriting review and reduce fraud and claims
Predictive models coupled with risk scores to create long term differentiation for insurance companies
Customized models built for an insurer’s unique portfolio and IT landscape are typically better than the models enabled through licensed products
Processing time for life insurance applications can be reduced by eliminating or reducing lab tests
Reinsurers can use automated underwriting models to review large blocks of insurance policies effectively and efficiently


Convergence of information and operations technology

Increased use of connected devices

Increasing customer expectation

Changing customer engagement models through deregulation

Increased compliance and regulatory requirements

Distribution generation

Increased generation from renewables

Mergers and acquisitions

Pressure to innovate

Increased pressure to optimize load and consumption

Utilities are investing in:

Offering the best customer experience and engagements
Better asset monitoring
Responding proactively to regulations and compliance requirements
Modernizing field service tools and scheduling

Best in class analytics tools
Smarter assets and connected device infrastructure
Preventative, predictive and prescriptive analytics
Benchmarking and performance management

How NextLink  Can Help

NextLink synchronizes people, processes, and technology to deliver results across the entire value chain of utilities and energy companies.

and Asset Management

We guide you in using the right tools and applications to achieve greater asset performance, reduce risk and downtime, while making sound future investments.


NextLink experts help you see exactly where your team is and need to be, predict workforce levels, and accurately estimates your capital projects.

Technology Transformation

NextLink helps you understand, deploy, upgrade, and optimize your technology investment for all business functions, from finance and HR to AMI, and customer service.


Offer your customers a better experience through all channels by using best practices and the latest CIS software.


NextLink helps you accelerate your digital strategy by integrating best-of-breed technologies with your existing ones. Benefit from Big Data and analytics, predictive and prescriptive analytics as well as mobile apps and tools that help you deliver maximum value at the right investment.


Our smart meters, smart solar and wind diagnostics solutions and intelligent vehicle tracking devices can help you build a smarter, more agile, and resilient organization.

Wholesale Distribution


Product Pricing
and Commissions
Rebates, Billbacks
and Chargebacks
Optimized Warehouse
Forecast and Consumption-Based
Planning (MRP)

How NextLink Can Help

NextLink has developed robust solutions for highly specialized operations, which help to enhance visibility across your business.
NextLink provides significant value through innovation – we deliver solutions in emerging areas such as asset enhancement and mobility, helping you improve visibility and reduce costs.
In addition, we improve core operations, efficiency in transportation and logistics organization through maintenance of IT applications and minimize inefficiencies with the implementation of process improvement solutions.


NextLink’s Services

Cloud Services

Consulting Services

Systems Integration

How NextLink Can Help

NextLink's education practice is a leading consulting service for schools, colleges, universities and academic medical centers.
Our set list professionals have worked extensively with learning institutions to develop and implement solutions that address operational and regulatory requirements.
NextLink provides a wide range of services for educational institutions that can help improve operations, increase faculty effectiveness, accelerate student performance, and develop new methods for delivering educational services.

How NextLink Can Help

NextLink provides flexible and sophisticated solutions so you can efficiently manage your entire supply chain.
We have successfully helped industry-leading companies achieve better integration with warehouse management, improve system performance for dynamic pricing, obtain real-time reporting of cash flow and profitability and reduce discrepancies in inventory valuation caused by different units of measurement.
- Increase product demand and consumer experience with product design, virtual shopping and store configuration tools
- Accelerate growth through digital transformation by identifying new opportunities in sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain and marketing
- Reduce material costs by publishing material specifications across brands, regions and categories
- Enhance branding with new strategies for brand definition, logos, messaging and other marketing trends such as templates and workflows
- Bridge the gap between market demand and supply by maintaining traceability