NextLink accelerator for SAP Mobile Asset Management

SAP Defines Mobile Business

SAP Mobile Asset Management addresses business processes of 2 function areas: Plant Maintenance (PM) (internal use) and Customer Service (CS (external use)

mamSuite of tools tailored to the needs of service engineers & field technicians for both internal and external dealings

  • Runs on a PDA in an offline-mode using the SAP Mobile Infrastructure, a component of NW
  • Uses data synchronization between device and Enterprise System via the SAP Mobile Infrastructure
  • Can use RFID technology to better enhance business processes
  • Provides all necessary information to carry out on-site service
  • Gives an integrated view on the necessary functions within Enterprise Asset Management such as Functional Locations, etc.
  • Cross-referencing between all components for easy navigation
  • Effectively manages orders in a closed loop cycle within Enterprise Asset Management
Business Values
  • Easy and fast access to timely information from everywhere, anytime
    • Field technicians can resolve problems faster and better
    • Reduce travel time, lower costs per work order
    • Eliminate or decrease the need for paper based orders
    • Easy access to latest stock information based on actual usage
  • Technician can enter data directly on site
    • Improves data entry accuracy (e.g. notification or counter reading data)
    • Direct data entry, no loss of data Reduce clerical time spent in the back office re-entering field information
    • Reduce total cycle time from job completion to invoice submission with associated cash flow benefits
  • Seamless data exchange / out-of-box integration with SAP
  • Central administration and deployment via Web Console
  • Meeting legal requirements of regular and on time assets inspection
  • Standard SAP application