Procure to Pay

Reduce the cost of purchasing by 50%

NextLink’s P2P has a compelling goal: to help companies using SAP to dramatically cut costs in non-revenue generating purchasing activities by at least 50%, so that companies can increase their bottom line. The journey to unlocking these cost savings begins with your suppliers.

We’re proud of our unique IP in NextLink’s Procure to Pay (P2P) solution models for SAP. It’s another example of our innovation, commitment to SAP, and our passion for driving real results for our customers.

p2pWhy choose NextLink’s P2P?
  • Make financial management easier and business analysis more meaningful
  • Supplier-centric model and convenient handling (Including hosting solution on web-based portal)
  • Manage limitless projects with streamlined administration
  • Works as an integral part of your SAP corporate system
Key Benefits
Suppliers help ease your workload

The NextLink’s web-based solutions allows your suppliers to proactively manage multiple aspects of your trading relationship, including new supplier registration, quotations, proposals, work orders, and invoices. With suppliers accountable for these aspects the administrative burden is eased for your project, procurement and finance teams, and administration costs significantly reduced.

Streamlined project admin

With just a few clicks, your teams can manage multi-level project budgets, approve new suppliers, review quotations – and convert them to purchase orders. And, once the goods or services are delivered, authorized individuals automatically match supplier-generated invoices to the original purchase order for review.

Flawless payment processes

Payment processing is quick and easy too – offering a variety of electronic or traditional payment channels. And, because the entire process is governed by a flexible, highly configurable workflow, every step is secure, automated, and assigned to an audit trail.

Global capabilities

SAP’s scalability means NextLink’s P2P can accommodate thousands of internal purchasers, manage limitless projects and effect multi-level payment authorisations. It can be accessed through the portal 24/7 by thousands of suppliers worldwide. All this, combined with inbuilt multi-currency and multi-language capabilities, means a one-stop global solution that manages the entire purchasing needs of an international operation.

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