SAP Leonardo is a platform of products and services that enables organizations to develop digital transformation projects.

These allow you to take advantage of next-generation technologies such as AI, IoT, machine learning, 3D printing, and blockchain so you can develop new business models and capabilities while adding new technologies as they emerge.

NextLink's Services

Connected Products

  • Enable end-to-end visibility to product-centric operations and optimize compliance visibility and service availability.

Connected Assets

  • Track, monitor, analyze, and maintain all of your fixed assets across the network.

Connected Fleet

  • Track, monitor, analyze, and maintain all of your moving assets wherever they are in the network.

Connected Infrastructure

  • Delivers new forms of digital operational intelligence to transform physical infrastructure systems.

Connected Markets

  • Foster local markets, cities, urban and rural environments with new products, services, data, businesses and business models leveraging the SAP Leonardo innovation portfolio.

Connected People

  • Strives to improve lives, work and health by connecting people and communities and providing better lifestyle experiences and opportunities so organizations can evolve into new business models.

How NextLink Can Help

Our engagements focus on micro-transformations to prove that our solution can achieve the goals of your investment. Each engagement consists of four phases:


In this workshop, your organization's stakeholders get together with SAP and NextLink experts for a one-day session to explore your opportunities for innovation.

Design and Prototype

This phase is an iterative process as the design of the solution is implemented in low fidelity through to high fidelity wire frames, while undergoing a design review at the end of each iteration. These design reviews ensure that user experience (UX) guidelines are being followed and that the needs of users are being met. An interactive prototype is delivered at the end of this phase.


In the Discover phase of the process, NextLink and SAP experts shadow your end users to understand their needs and issues. This information is used to create the core design documents that will feed the rest of the process.


The clickable prototype is transformed into a functional proof of concept and a value assessment is made. A decision to deploy the solution and pursue other use cases is made now.