SAP Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based planning solution focused on the planners themselves while promoting fast and agile planning applications, as it analyses extremely large volumes of data that can be processed in a short amount time.

The solution supports the planning process along with comprehensive collaboration options. SAP Cloud for Planning combines planning and reporting in one application, with a look and feel that is modelled very closely to Excel.


In Memory Computing (SAP HANA)

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Cloud Computing

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Thanks to the innovative “in-memory computing,” even very large data volumes can be processed in a very short amount of time, which is then immediately available for planning, simulations, and analyses – such as ‘what if’ scenarios – at all levels of detail.
There are also comprehensive reporting facilities available.
To efficiently support users, the system generates reporting suggestions based on analyzed data. Instead of users having to consider random “drivers,” the analysis is focused on “key drivers.”
Cloud computing facilitates the utilization of the latest developments, meaning that planning can be implemented quicker, while making the latest innovations immediately available.
Usability and speed are also highly valued in the mobile environment, as they make for faster response time and facilitate efficient planning processes.

SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

  • • Based on the SAP Cloud for Analytics framework
  • • Supports charts and tables conforming to International Business Communication Standards (IBCS/Hichert)
  • • Intuitive use with support from self-service functionalities
  • • Planning applications can be created and changed in real time, enabling planners to take operational changes into account immediately
  • • Input data is distributed/disaggregated automatically based on all characteristic values
  • • Supports calculated and restricted key figures as well as individually defined distribution algorithms
  • • Hybrid scenario: Software as a Service integrated with “on-premise solutions” (SAP Business Planning and Consolidation)


To help you learn about the benefits and possible applications of SAP Analytics Cloud for planning, we offer this service:

Workshop “Simpler, faster, more agile: SAP Analytics Cloud for planning”

Our workshop explains the functions of SAP Analytics Cloud for planning while providing an assessment of the software solution simultaneously, as we illustrate business benefits of the solution and provide an application recommendation based on the desired needs.