Outsourcing Services

If you have invested in SAP, you would know that a major chunk of your budget goes into maintenance and support of your SAP ERP application. With a blend of onsite, onshore and offshore SAP management services, you can get the best of both worlds while significantly reducing costs, and generating maximum possible ROI from your SAP investments. NextLink can help you cut down your total cost of ownership up to 60%.
  • NextLink reduces year-over-year SAP application maintenance costs
  • Improves efficiency of projects like new functionality, day-to-day changes, roll-outs, and support packs
  • Identifies the change impact on the ERP landscape
  • Focuses and prioritizes the project plan
  • Automates test recording and execution
  • Accelerates and reduces the number of test cycles
  • Improves the quality of your reporting and deliverables
  • Provides a platform for project management and knowledge sharing
  • Standardizes test documentation (test script library and test results documentation)
  • Increases efficiency with the power of crowd sourcing
Why not traditional support model
NextLink ASM team revolutionized AASM by compiling problem statements from conventional support models and compiled them with our value centric models. Apart from support KPI’s, AASM targets specific areas of interest for business bodies and ultimately aims to reduce the OPEX (Operational Expenses) through various means. This is an outward business centric model with values and Read about NextLink’s AASM (Accelerated Annual Support & Maintenance) Service Model