NextLink Expands Global Presence in Announcing new nearshore operations in Spain

NextLink announced it has established a new office in Barcelona, Spain as part of its ongoing nearshore IT outsourcing strategy.
Spain office will focus primarily on providing nearshore Application Support and Maintenance (ASM) services our European customers.

This marks NextLink second major investment in its nearshore outsourcing strategy; leveraging Spanish skills base, low wages, and cultural similarities to deliver cost-effective outsourcing services to EU clients.

By competing with offshore hubs to keep contracts and jobs in Europe, nearshore firms like NextLink are also helping to stimulate the EU economy.

Nearshore application outsourcing providers are increasingly perceived as strong alternatives to traditional offshore support,” said Yacine Bouamrioune, CEO of NextLink. “This is primarily due to the high level of technical expertise available in Spain, the close physical proximity and cultural similarities. This is an ideal opportunity for EU companies to take advantage of a growing trend.”

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