Pharma 2020: Re- shaping Supply chain for future

Pharma’s future has never looked more promising – or more ominous. Major scientific, technological and socioeconomic changes will revive the industry’s fortunes in another decade, but capitalising on these trends will entail making crucial decisions first.

The pharmaceutical supply chain needs a radical overhaul, and we predict that it will undergo three key changes over the next decade

  1. It will fragment, with different models for different product types and patient segments
  2. It will become a means of market differentiation and source of economic value
  3. It will become a two-way street, with information flowing upstream to drive the downstream flow of products and services.

Businesses across EU/UK, over the last decade, have established NextLink as a trusted partner to address their business challenges using our deep industry domain competency and technology expertise. We have over 60 dedicated consultants serving businesses in pharma industry. Having a strong relationship with many large customers (such as Roche, Novartis, Alexion Pharma etc.) spread across Europe, UK, the Pharma SBU has been continuously investing in building competencies to help our customers do business better.

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