NextLink’s AASM (Accelerated Annual Support & Maintenance)

Core Value

The IT landscape is facing a paradigm shift from ‘running the business’ (RTB) to ‘changing the business’ (CTB). Application Support and Maintenance (ASM) is one of the largest RTB spends, and is a recurring revenue stream for IT vendors. However, CIOs have started questioning the relevance of ASM in the age of Software-as-a-Service, as the number of incidents continues to grow each year.

AASM is NextLink’s alternative in application support and maintenance. By adopting a proactive obsolescence approach, NextLink through AASM goes beyond any traditional ASM services and delivers a guaranteed 30% cost reduction in ASM spending the form of incremental value (Value), simplifies your application landscape & proactively eliminates incidents to provide improved agility (Velocity) and maps business process KPIs instead of IT SLAs to present complete transparency (Visibility) to our customers.

The business benefits gained by the customers
Complete Visibility
  • Application Landscape Assessment This enables us to categorize applications into one to invest in, apps to maintain & apps to dis-invest
  • Improved Service Quality & reduced incidents with scientific management of IT Landscape
  • Proactive Business Process Monitoring for key processes impacting business KPIs through ‘BodyScan’ and ‘Earlywatch’ Services
  • Engagement visibility & transparency of service quality through Co-Managed IT  & dashboard service reporting’s.
Accelerated/Enhanced Velocity
  • Reduced Risk & Improved Efficiency through Engagement Flexibility
  • Enhanced Platform Stability through Proactive & Predictive Delivery
  • Increased efficiency with cross/up skilling through the Business Aligned Target Operating Model
Greater Value
  • Guaranteed 30%+ Cost Reduction using the AASM framework, NextLink’s Gold Standard for ASM
  • Reinvest 3% to 10% of TCV as value generation, in the form of transformation consulting assignments which result in transformation opportunities being identified
  • Significant application landscape modernization leading to TCO reduction through Self-Funded Optimization and simplification plans
  • Differentiated Service Delivery enabling release of client’s SME bandwidth from non-strategic apps.



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