Service Parts Management

Even the best companies can’t be successful if their service parts don’t arrive at the right place, at the right time and in the right quantities. Two critical success factors are:

  • The ability to provide superior service levels to both your customers and engineers
  • Minimizing-operating costs associated with procurement, logistics, and inventory

Successful businesses focus their service parts organizations on these critical factors, along with innovative marketing and pricing strategies. To achieve these goals, “best in class“ processes are required, as well as assistance from appropriate IT systems, guided by experienced SPM experts.

SPMNextLink is a SAP Special Expertise Partner who can help you find the best solutions to the challenges Service Parts Managers face every day. SAP SPM can quickly and efficiently achieve the following key targets of service parts management:

  • High transparency in the whole supply chain.
  • Active market processing to increase sales volume.
  • Improvement of service levels with reduced inventories.
  • Tightening of delivery chains and reduction of logistics cost.
  • Optimization of warehouse and return process.
  • Creation of smooth process from planning to returns.
Our Service Portfolio
  • Strategy, process and IT consulting
  • SAP feasibility studies
  • SAP implementation and add-on programming
  • Stock optimization strategies for service parts
  • Development and implementation of KPI and BI solutions
  • Change management

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