SAP Global Trade Solutions (GTS)

The business challenges in meeting regulatory requirements and managing the complexities of global trade are enormous. Enterprises are looking for standardized enterprise-wide trade compliance encompassing supply chain, human resources, and financial processes. The aim is to lower the cost and risk of international trade.

Practice Overview

Nextlink leverages SAP’s Global Trade Services application to support the international businesses of our clients. The best way to assure compliance and reduced risks of fines/penalties is through operational excellence in implementing automated processes.

Built on a strong foundation of domain knowledge, solution expertise and delivery excellence, NextLink’s SAP GTS Practice is uniquely positioned to cost effectively address the business-IT challenges of customers.

Allow Nextlink to help you meet your compliance challenges
  • Lower total cost of ownership for technology
  • Manage complex and distributed organizations
  • Fulfill compliance and industry initiatives
  • Enable connection with any kind of electronic trading partner
  • Quickly automate evolving business processes
  • Increase time-to-market responsiveness
  • Main advantages of the Nextlink GTS Solution
  • International Roll Out Services for Customer through NextLink
  • Flexi Outsourcing – all components can be onsoursed later
  • Competitive Volume Model
  • Future Safe and scalable Platform
  • Project will be executed by NextLink Experts
  • Quick connection from new EDI Partner
  • Message Tracking – Monitoring, Reports
  • Service Desk reachable via telephone, email, tickets

With its comprehensive service offering, NextLink delivers services tailored to the specific needs of any business. They can choose to outsource their entire B2B activities or just part of them to NextLink, allowing them to focus on their core business.

With its worldwide coverage NextLink GTS Services is able to provide first class services to organizations across the globe in every time zone.

Our SAP GTS service offer


The GTS team
  • GTS practice employs industry-trained GTS consultants, each with a minimum of five full GTS deployments, along with trade compliance specialists supporting clients’ trade operations.
  • Unlike all competitors in this area, our GTS consultants are required to have both technical skills and a real knowledge of trade compliance.
  • GTS practice consultants have extensive past experience with SAP ERP (R/3 and ECC), especially in those areas that impact GTS.
  • All projects are conducted in collaboration with the entire global trade team, so all of our clients benefit equally from our experience, best practices and methodology.
The Global Capability
  • GTS supports local country trade compliance requirements using a standard structure and variable rules.
  • Once a “best practice” structure is setup for one country it can be replicated for all others.
  • Can be applied for licensing, forms, electronic communication, trade preference, duty calculation, etc.
  • NextLink’s expertise with deployments in Switzerland, US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Poland, Germany, UAE, Australia, Singapore, India, South Korea and Malaysia to deploy GTS globally with low risk and minimal duration.
The Reputation
  • We are often asked by a client to fix the work done by other GTS consultants who had less experience. We did this so frequently, it developed into our most successful service: The GTS Body Scan.
  • We provide bonuses to our consultants based almost entirely on whether a client will enthusiastically recommend the consultant and NextLink to colleagues and business associates.
  • We have used the expertise and reputation we’ve gained from GTS implementations to offer our clients additional GTS-related services.
The most distinctive SAP GTS practice



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